GS 20: 3 Simple Steps To More Cover Band Bookings

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The number of cover band marketing ideas, strategies and tactics available is huge. It can be really overwhelming to know where to even start. In this podcast we discuss 3 simple strategies that’ll help you get on the right track.

GS 19: Cover Band Websites That Get Gigs With Bandzoogle’s Dave Cool

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If you want well paid gigs with good clients in great venues then you absolutely must have a website. Relying on a Facebook page is just not going to cut it. Your website is your bands home online. It’s where your prospective clients go to make their final decision as to whether they want to book. You need it to show your band off in the best way possible. Dave Cool is Artists Relations Manager at Bandzoogle. They’ve helped over 2500 musicians build amazing websites. He knows a thing or two about websites and shares that with us on this podcast.

GS 18: Getting a Fairer Deal For Musicians With Dave Webster & Kelly Wood from the Musicians Union

Musicians Union

The Musicians Union in the UK have a number of initiatives ongoing that are there to help you achieve a fairer deal for your performance. In this podcast we run through all of these in detail as well as covering some key factors involved in how to value yourself as a performer.

How to ‘Sell’ Your Cover Band Without Feeling Like A Sleazy Salesman

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If the word ‘sales’ fills you with dread and fear then this is the post for you. That feeling of nervousness, sweaty palms and dry mouth is enough to make you never pick up the phone again. It doesn’t have to be that way though. In this post I’m going to walk you through a much softer and gentler approach to selling your cover band over the phone or face to face.

How to Create Amazingly Powerful Video Testimonials That’ll Get More Gigs For Your Band (All with Zero Budget and Just Using Your Camera Phone)

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If you’re standing on a soap box and yelling about how great your band is, chances are you’re losing bookings. Prospects aren’t interested in your opinion of your band. They want you to show them clear evidence that real people paid their hard earn cash to have you perform for them at their event. The most effective way of communicating this is through testimonials. The most powerful of all testimonials are video ones. In this post I take you step by step through a system I call the ‘Stage Right Technique’. It’s a no cost, fast way of producing multiple video tesimonials that’ll help you secure more gigs for your band and, done well, at higher fees. Look out for the bonus material in this post.

GS 17: How Brad Wills Balances A Full Time Job And Busy Family Life While Finding The Time To Grow His Indie Rock Cover Band

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Running your own small business places massive strains on the time you have available for other things in your life. That doesn’t faze Brad Wills. He’s successfully balancing running a small business with family life commitments while also finding the time to work on marketing his cover band. Listen to this episode to find out how.

GS 16: How Dominic Halpin Spent The Last 10 Years Earning A Full Time Living Running A Cover Band And Working On His Own Original Material

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For the last 10 years Dominic Halpin has earned a living as a full time musician successfully running a cover band and releasing his own original material independently. His enthusiasm for both areas of his career is infectious. If you’re looking to carve a similar path to your career then this episode is essential listening

How Big Do You Want Your Cover Band To Be?

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Taking your cover band to the next level of success is a challenge. It’s easy to get comfortable in the status quo or just think that ‘we’re a 10 gigs a year cover band’ and not really believe or have the confidence to increase that number significantly. But there are ways, many in fact. It all starts by thinking bigger. Here’s how…

GS 15: What Graeme Nash Of Cover Band ‘Daft’ Did To Go From Part Time Semi-Pro To Full Time Professional Musician Running A Successful Band That Supports Him And His Family


Graeme Nash of cover ‘Daft’ is one of those brave characters that took the decision to ‘go pro’. He’s successfully gone from being a full time sales professional on a great salary to earning all his income from his band. He now supports a family of four and is going from strength to strength. In this episode we get to grips with how he managed to do this and what obstacles he faced along the way.